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Grace Foot Massage is proud to offer the best Reflexology and Thai massage in AZ. We are located in Gilbert, AZ.

Between Queen Creek and Val Vista Dr. Our Foot Reflexology and Thai massage can greatly relieve the muscular pain

in traditional way. Our staffs at Grace Foot Massage will take the customer service very seriously to ensure your

satisfaction from our service.

Thai massage - the main activities of the joint, concise and use, is one of the best health care practices. Can quickly eliminate fatigue, restore physical fitness, but also increase the flexibility and vitality of the joint ligament, restore the normal joint function, to achieve body fluid circulation, health and beauty effect.

Foot Reflexology - a non-drug treatment, through the foot reflex zone stimulation, adjust the body's physiological function, improve the immune system function, to disease prevention, treatment, health care, physical purpose.

Benefit of  Reflexology                                                                      Benefit of Thai Massage

         Release Stress                                                                                   Reduces Muscle Tension & Spasms

​         Stimulate Blood Circulation                                                            Mobilizes the Joints

         Releves Neuropathy & Pain                                                            Balances and Increase Energy

         Increase Energy                                                                                Can Treat Headaches & Neck Pain

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